Vasundhara Raje

Vasundhara RajePolitics (Maharashtra, India) 2004

VASUNDHARA RAJE – Born into the royal family of Gwalior, she enjoyed a privileged upbringing, followed by a distinguished education at Mumbai’s renowned Sophia College. Despite her privileged background, her life has been marked by challenges and perseverance, culminating in her political career.

In 1984, she joined the newly formed BJP and was appointed as a Member of the National Executive, marking the beginning of her political journey. She made history by becoming the first female Chief Minister of Rajasthan, a post she has held since 2013, with a previous term from 2003 to 2008.

Despite her royal lineage, she is deeply committed to serving the common people. Her dedication to public service has earned her respect and admiration, making her a true beacon of leadership and service to the masses.

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