Varsha Deshpande

Varsha DeshpandeEquality for Women (Maharashtra, India) 2012

VARSHA DESHPANDE – She is determination incarnate!

An Advocate she has been striving to save and protect the girl child. She founded the ‘Lek Laadki Abhiyaan’ that upholds the mantra ‘Eliminate Inequality not Women, Destroy Dowry not Daughters

Absolute and resolute, there can be no stopping her in her tread towards the completion of her mission. And she has picked up the gauntlet for abolishing a curse of our Society – the Female Foeticide!

She is waging a relentless war in exposing them and bringing them to the book. To this day, she has conducted over 50 sting operations, variously, to stem the growth of this heinous mind set.

Undeterred by threats she has built a sustained campaign against doctors providing illegal service of pre natal sex selection to identify sex of foetus resulting into discriminatory abortion of female fetuses. She is a crusader for empowerment of girls and for promotion of women’s rights, bodily integrity and dignity and continues her activities for ‘Save the Girl Child Campaign’

May her tribe increase!

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