Varsha Deshpande

Varsha DeshpandeEquality for Women (Maharashtra, India) 2012

VARSHA DESHPANDE – She is determination incarnate!

As an Advocate, she has dedicated her life to protecting and empowering the girl child. Her brainchild, the ‘Lek Laadki Abhiyaan,’ advocates for the elimination of inequality and the eradication of dowry, echoing the powerful mantra ‘Eliminate Inequality, not Women; Destroy Dowry, not Daughters.’

Her resolve knows no bounds as she tirelessly works towards achieving her mission. She has taken a stand against the societal curse of Female Foeticide, conducting multiple sting operations to expose and bring justice to those perpetuating this heinous practice.

Despite facing threats, she remains steadfast in her campaign against doctors involved in illegal prenatal sex selection, which leads to the discriminatory abortion of female fetuses. A true crusader for girls’ empowerment and women’s rights, she tirelessly promotes bodily integrity and dignity. Her unwavering commitment to the ‘Save the Girl Child Campaign’ serves as an inspiration to all.

May her efforts inspire a generation of change-makers to join her cause!

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