Vanya Mishra

Doing India Proud (Maharashtra, India) 2013

Vanya MishraDoing India Proud (Maharashtra, India) 2013

VANYA MISHRA- Born and raised in Jalandhar, this Punjabi Kudi was on a steadfast path towards a career in Electrical Engineering when fate threw her a curveball – the dazzling world of beauty pageants. To everyone’s surprise, she not only embraced this new adventure but excelled in it, clinching the prestigious ‘Miss India Crown’ and further shining at the ‘Miss World’ contest, where she triumphed in both the ‘Miss Social Media’ and ‘Beauty-with-a-Purpose’ categories. It seemed like destiny had something extraordinary in store for this young woman.

Today, she stands as the Co-founder and Managing Director of ‘Summer Label,’ a pioneering fashion-discovery portal.

Her story is a testament to the fact that some individuals are destined for greatness, effortlessly navigating life’s highs with grace and determination.

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