Uma Ghosh Deshpande

Uma Ghosh DeshpandeAnchoring (Dubai, UAE) 2012

UMA GHOSH DESHPANDE – Hobnobbing with ‘High Life’!

That’s what she does with her show, so aptly titled, ‘High-Life Dubai’. Anchoring it with perfect panache, she has kind of pioneered the local programming in those parts.

Seven years ago, in 2005, Sony TV locally produced a show and for that, the mantle of mounting it fell on the hitherto big-ticket Fashionista, Uma. Never to be deterred by the enormity of a challenge, she picked up the gauntlet…! And TV in the Middle-East was never the same again and what is most commendable is her handling the show with special accent on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

She’s been voted one of the top five most powerful Indian women in the Middle East, one of the UAE’s 40 most influential Asians.

To cap it, she also keeps reinventing herself!

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