Teesta Setalvad

Journalism (Maharashtra, India) 2005

Teesta SetalvadJournalism (Maharashtra, India) 2005

TEESTA SETALVAD – She is an Indian civil rights activist and journalist, hailing from a family with a strong legal background. Inspired by the book “All the President’s Men,” given to her by her father, which delved into the Watergate scandal, she chose to pursue a career in journalism. Teesta has dedicated herself to investigative journalism, exposing politicians involved in activities detrimental to society and the nation.

In addition to her journalism work, she has taken a stand against communal discord, founding the magazine “Communal Combat” and the NGO “Citizens for Justice and Peace.” Her efforts have often put her at odds with those in power, but she continues to fight with unwavering determination. Her spirit is unbreakable, and she embodies strength and resilience in her quest for justice and truth.

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