Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Sumayyah Al SuwaidiFashion & Fine Arts (Abu Dhabi, UAE) 2012

SUMAYYAH AL SUWAIDI- She is a masterful artist, but her canvas is not traditional; it’s digital. With meticulous precision, she has perfected the art of digital creation. Her works are transformative, as she manipulates skies, stretches oceans, and lifts humans to the clouds, creating an electrifying impact.

Hailed as a paradigm of punchy art, she is also deeply passionate about fashion. She has created a prominent outlet called ‘Grafika’ for designers, providing a platform for both established names and newcomers to showcase their creations.

Multifaceted, talented, and adept at multitasking, she exudes positive vibes, and her infectious smile is magnetic. She embodies a perfect blend of artistry and commerce, creating a captivating and inspiring presence.

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