Suman Sharma

Suman SharmaSpecial Mention - Indian Airforce (Karnataka, India) 2010

SUMAN SHARMA – Belonging to a quintessential Fauji family, what with a Navy Commodore father and an Army Colonel brother, she was far off the girlie stuff since childhood, itself. Instead, she was mesmerised by those booming Jets knifing through the skies and craved to be a part of their stunning Somersaults and other mid air Aerobatics. And she realised her ambition through the Air Force.

The apex of that manic-driven ambition was reached when she got to fly – hold your breath – the monstrous MIG for a 40 minute sortie in Russia. That earned her a place in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ as world’s first Female MIG-flier.

Even skies are not the limit for the Sumans of this world…!

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