Suman Sharma

Special Mention - Indian Airforce (Karnataka, India) 2010

Suman SharmaSpecial Mention - Indian Airforce (Karnataka, India) 2010

SUMAN SHARMA – Born into a distinguished military family, with a Navy Commodore father and an Army Colonel Brother, she was drawn to the skies from a young age. Far removed from traditional girlish pursuits, she was captivated by the sight of jets slicing through the sky, dreaming of participating in their breathtaking aerobatics. Her childhood fascination led her to pursue a career in the Air Force.

Her ambition culminated in a remarkable achievement when she flew the formidable MIG for a 40-minute sortie in Russia, a feat that earned her a place in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ as the world’s first female MIG-flier. For individuals like her, even the sky is not the limit.

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