Sultana Siddiqui

Sultana SiddiquiScroll Of Honour - Media (Pakistan) 2015

SULTANA SIDDIQUI – True to her name, she is the reigning Sultana of Media, today. As the first ever Asian woman to have owned and started a TV network in Pakistan, she stands tall in a field dominated by men, mostly.  A television director, producer and a businessperson from Karachi. She is the director and President of Hum Network Limited. Her creative juices and administrative acumen are instrumental in making ‘Hum Network’ continuously touch ever new peaks in its sphere.

Her work is well known for its attention to social issues and its focus on female empowerment. Siddiqui has represented Pakistan in numerous international workshops and seminars. She has her fingers firmly on the pulse of the viewers and in Media, she is simply unstoppable!

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