Sue HoltMedia - Print (Dubai, UAE) 2016

SUE HOLT – The Print Powerhouse!

She has turned over a new leaf in her chosen genre of Print & Media. An Alumna of the illustrious Harvard Business School, she has put the treasure-trove of knowledge gleaned from there to optimal use in life and contributed tremendously to the APP Group & ITP Consumer as its Executive Director.

She is a zealot as no other!

In the world of Print, she has developed leading Female-oriented magazines, including, ‘Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’, ‘Viva’ and the hugely successful, ‘Ahlan!’ She has also contributed her might to others

divergent Mags, such as ‘Harper’s Bazaar Art’ and APP’s ‘Conde Nast Traveller, Middle-East’.

She indefatigable… and thereby – unstoppable!

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