Sparsh Khanchandani

Sparsh KhanchandaniYoung Achiever - TV (Maharashtra, India) 2010

SPARSH KHANCHANDANI – She is an Indian film and television child actress. Just at the callow age of eight, she held millions captive with her performance as Ichchha in ‘Uttaran’ on Colors TV Channel. They laughed with her, they cried with her and the itsy-bitsy girl became the darling of the Nation. From earliest on, the impish doll had possessed unfathomable imagination, creating scenes to enact, all by herself. And that’s why her parents brought her to the world of ‘Sound! Lights! Camera!’

In no time, the natural scene-stealer and a little phenomenon was born! From the very first episode she created sheer magic on the Screen with her sparkling eyes, toothy smile and a stunning interplay of emotions on her face.

And India fell for her, hook, line and sinker…!

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