Sonal Mansingh

Dance - Bharatnatyam & Odissi (Maharashtra, India) 2005

Sonal MansinghDance - Bharatnatyam & Odissi (Maharashtra, India) 2005

SONAL MANSINGH – An epitome of grace and artistry, embodying the very essence of dance.Her journey began with “Manipuri” at the tender age of 4, and she went on to master “Bharatnatyam” and “Odissi,” captivating audiences worldwide with her virtuosity. Her choreographic marvels, such as “Draupadi,” “Geet-Govind,” and “Samanvay,” have earned her mythical accolades, including the prestigious “Padma Vibhushan.”

A true survivor, she overcame a devastating road accident that could have ended her dance career. Defying cynics, she returned to the stage with a renewed vigor, igniting the stage once again with her electrifying performances.

For the epitome of dance excellence, Sonal Mansingh is unparalleled.

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