Simi Garewal

Lifetime Achievement Award (Punjab, India) 2014

Simi GarewalLifetime Achievement Award (Punjab, India) 2014

SIMI GAREWAL- She seems to have sipped from the fountain of youth, as time and age have failed to leave a mark on her. She exudes a daisy-fresh aura, with the same radiant smile and sparkling eyes that once captivated audiences on screens worldwide.

Her career took flight with I S Johar’s “Johar Mehmood in Goa,” and she showcased her talent with eminent directors like Raj Khosla (“Do Badan” – 1960), Raj Kapoor (“Mera Naam Joker” – 1970), and the legendary Satyajit Ray (“Aranyer Din Ratri” – 1970).

Her collaboration with Satyajit Ray is a highlight she cherishes, considering it the most luminous moment of her life. But her journey didn’t end there! She achieved further acclaim with her groundbreaking show “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.”

She continues to mesmerize with her immaculate persona, captivating hearts with her timeless grace and charm.

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