Sidra IqbalJournalism (Pakistan) 2014

SIDRA IQBAL – The Ambassador of Youth!

That’s the epithet bestowed upon her by the country of her birth – Pakistan!

She has the gift of the gab and such a way with the words that she can sway people and opinions like nobody’s business. To cap it, she has a naturally analytical bent of mind and can sift the grain from the chaff at the snap of a finger.

Awesome Eloquence defines her!

Today, she is a TV Host of big time standing. Her scintillating Screen-presence coupled with her oratorical and analytical skills has resulted in some truly hard-hitting Shows. While hosting, she has never used a pre-written Script – instead, she prefers to do it impromptu after having studied the subject thoroughly before the show.

Journalism has a new recognition, today!

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