Shubhangi Atre Poorey

Shubhangi Atre PooreyTelevision (Madhya Pradesh, India) 2018

SHUBHANGI ATRE POOREY – An ‘MBA’, ‘Miss Madhya Pradesh’, ‘Kathak & Odissi exponent’… she is all of that, but you know her in a totally different Avatar – the quirkiest and cutest Dumbo, Bhabhiji of ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain!’. Really, what a transformation! The way Shubhangi has ‘mutated’ as Angoori Bhabhi is one of the rarest feats achieved by an Actor on Indian Television. She has also refused to carry the baggage that before her, the same role was being done by another actress, and quite popularly, too – she just made a fresh start to mindboggling results.

An impeccable ‘Pro’, she is the first to reach the Sets, carrying her own lunch, cooked by her. And all of these attributes have climaxed into two ITA Awards for her.

Sahi Pakde Hain…!

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