Shovana Narayan

Dance-Kathak (West Bengal, India) 2007

Shovana NarayanDance-Kathak (West Bengal, India) 2007

SHOVANA NARAYAN – She is a modern-day icon and role model in the world of Kathak, showcasing unparalleled skill and dedication to the art form. Beyond her mastery of Kathak, she is also highly accomplished in scholastic pursuits, excelling in physics, social sciences, and defense and strategic studies. Additionally, she is a talented writer, analyst, and culture historian.

Trained by the legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj, she has taken Kathak to new heights through innovative collaborations. Her fusion works, blending Kathak with ballet, Spanish flamenco, and tap dance, have mesmerized audiences worldwide. As a Guru, she is passing on her knowledge to the next generation of dancers, ensuring the legacy of Kathak continues to flourish.

In times of national calamities, she has been a beacon of hope, providing support and assistance during events such as the Tsunami, Bihar floods, and aiding Kargil War Widows. Her dedication to both her art and her country marks her as a true culture catalyst, enriching society through her multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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