Shailja Kejriwal

Shailja KejriwalBusiness of Television (West Bengal, India) 2006

SHAILJA KEJRIWAL – Do you know that if you have been able to savour ‘Kaun Baega Crorepati’ ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, and some of the choicest Pakistani Serials to your heart’s content, it is only because of the vision and perseverance of one person – Shailja. The biggest Programming whizz on our Television knows all the ins and outs of transcribing slices of life onto the Screen.

She has also pioneered a Zeal for Unity concept, involving six Indian and six Pakistani directors to make multifarious stories of various lengths, touching upon the Hindu-Muslim and India-Pakistan relationship. And self-admittedly, she wants to be the ‘Conscious Keeper’ of the Nation…!

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