Shafeena Yusuff Ali

Shafeena Yusuff AliEnterpreneur (Kerala, India) 2012

SHAFEENA YUSUFF ALI – With unwavering determination and a clear vision Shafeena is the CEO of the Dubai-based retail conglomerate, Tablez. She is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in the retail industry. She is the daughter of Yusuff Ali M.A., the founder and chairman of Lulu Group International, a multinational conglomerate with operations in retail, hospitality, and real estate.

Under her leadership, Tablez has expanded its presence in the retail sector, focusing on bringing international brands to the Middle East and India. Tablez operates several retail chains, including Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, Springfield, Women’secret, and Cold Stone Creamery, among others.

She is also actively involved in philanthropic activities through the Lulu Group’s charitable initiatives, supporting various causes such as healthcare, education, and community development.

Overall, Shafeena is recognized for her business acumen and commitment to driving growth and innovation in the retail industry, particularly in the Middle East and India.

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