Shafeena Yusuff Ali

Shafeena Yusuff AliEnterpreneur (Kerala, India) 2012

SHAFEENA YUSUFF ALI – Where there is a will… there is a way!

She is the CEO of TABLEZ Food Company (TFC) which has over 30 restaurants under the group and started by her.

TFC is the F&B wing of Lulu Group International, whose business interests include imports, exports, manufacturing as well as one of the fastest-growing retail chains in the world. The hoary saying sits pat on her… she has the will and she has her way – infallibly and inevitably! She is her own person, the kind who would lead rather than being led. She has all it takes to be the most apt prototype of an Entrepreneur!

Majoring in Finance from the famed ‘Richmond, The American International University’ in London, she was always clear as crystal in her mind as to what she had to do with her life. And she chose Hospitality to be the calling of her life!

And it was not Business, but Passion driving her to it!

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