Shada Nasser & Nujood Ali

Shada Nasser & Nujood AliLaw & Bravery (Yemen) 2013

SHADA NASSER & NUJOOD ALI – A twosome from 2 totally disparate strata… totally unknown to each other with mind sets alienated with each other – and yet, their destinies crossed!  We call– Fate!

When Shada decided to slip into the lawyer’s robes, she knew exactly what she was getting into, in the male-dominated Society of Yemen in her mission to seek Justice for the wrongs done particularly in women-related issues!

There was another story of a different tenor unfolding in a nondescript family for a 10 years old girl, Nujood Ali. There calamities struck! One of Nujood’s sisters was raped, another was kidnapped and when the devastated father came to learn that the kidnapper was eyeing Nujood also, he decided to marry her off to a 30 plus man to save some of the family honour!

Constantly and mercilessly beaten by her in-laws and subjected to sadistic marital rapes by her so-called husband, one day the inner Nujood rebelled and she ran from house to the city-court and bumped into Shada, who then, took up cudgels on Nujood’s behalf and despite all the attendant perils, succeeded in getting a divorce for the latter. The case stirred and stunned people all across the globe when Nujood’s memoirs came out!

Today, the world bows before this brave twosome!

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