Shada Nasser & Nujood Ali

Law & Bravery (Yemen) 2013

Shada Nasser & Nujood AliLaw & Bravery (Yemen) 2013

SHADA NASSER & NUJOOD ALI – From entirely different backgrounds and mindsets, Shada and Nujood’s paths unexpectedly intertwined, a testament to fate’s mysterious ways. Shada, stepping into the realm of law in Yemen’s male-dominated society, dedicated herself to seeking justice, especially in women’s issues.

Meanwhile, in a quiet family, 10-year-old Nujood Ali faced harrowing trials. After her sisters’ traumas, her father, to protect the family’s honor, married her off to a much older man. Enduring abuse and torment, Nujood found her voice and fled to seek refuge in the city court.

There, fate led her to Shada, who courageously fought for Nujood’s rights, navigating through perilous challenges to secure her a divorce. Their story captivated the world when Nujood’s memoir was published, showcasing their bravery and resilience. Today, these two remarkable women are hailed for their courage and determination.

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