Seema Deo

Special Mention - Cinema (Maharashtra, India) 2013

Seema DeoSpecial Mention - Cinema (Maharashtra, India) 2013

SEEMA DEO – Debuting in Marathi films in 1958, a veteran actress in both Hindi and Marathi cinema, she has left an indelible mark with her performances in over 80 movies. She made her mark on the national stage in 1960 with “Miya Bibi Raazi” opposite the legendary Mehmood, showcasing her remarkable chemistry with the king of comedy. Born Nalini Saraf, she adopted the screen name ‘Seema,’ a common practice at the time.

She became known for her realistic, spontaneous, and natural acting, bringing her characters to life on screen. Her effortless screen presence has left an enduring impact on audiences, making her a memorable figure in Indian cinema.

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