Sarah Suhail

Sarah SuhailHumanitarian Initiative (Abu Dhabi, UAE) 2012

SARAH SUHAIL – She is the ray of hope in the dark world of those hapless, hopeless women, who have been trafficked like goats to slaughter in the flesh trade!

To this dark hell she came as the heavenly beam!

She picked up the gauntlet for this seemingly impossible task of saving exploited women from that inferno and restoring some future to them. Helming the ‘Ewa’a’ (‘To shelter’ in Arabic), she has created safe havens for them, (in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Northern Emirates) from which they can pave a path for themselves with dignity restored and head held high. And her team developed a system to enable those just-rescued women take their first tentative steps towards rehabilitation, both physically and mentally as well, while living there!

That way, in Sara they’ve found a Messiah – no less!

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