Sarah Hashwani

Philanthropy (Pakistan) 2011

Sarah HashwaniPhilanthropy (Pakistan) 2011

SARAH HASHWANI – Her dedication to philanthropy is truly inspiring, driving her to make a meaningful impact in countless lives. Taking the reins of her family’s philanthropic endeavors, she unified their efforts under the Hashoo Foundation, combining the strengths of HOAP, Umeed-e-Noor, and Hashoo Schools.

Her focus on women’s empowerment is evident in initiatives like ‘Plan Bee,’ which empowers women economically through honeybee farming, leveraging the region’s unique flora for high-quality honey.

She is also deeply committed to supporting children with special needs, directing her efforts toward youth development in both urban and rural areas. She recognizes that poverty and unskilled youth are major contributors to societal challenges and is dedicated to addressing these issues head-on.

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