Sangita Reddy

Sangita ReddyMedicine & Healthcare (Andhra Pradesh, India) 2005

SANGITA REDDY – They called her India’s ‘Healthcare Heiress’ when she joined her famed Cardiologist father, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, of Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Youngest of four sisters, her coming on board saw the enterprise take a quantum leap from what had started as a 150-bed Hospital in Chennai to one of Asia’s largest Super-Specialty chains. Today as its Joint MD, she is virtually moving heaven & earth to create Healthcare of the future, here.

Her father quashed her ambition to learn ‘Medicine’ and drew her to building the Apollo Conglomerate, instead – but, today, she has no regrets over that as she has loved every minute of creating a ‘hope of life’ for thousands out there.

India’s ‘Health’ is safe in her hands…!

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