Sangita Bauri, Bina Kalindi & Mukti Majhi

Sangita Bauri, Bina Kalindi & Mukti MajhiBravery (West Bengal, India) 2013

SANGITA BAURI, BINA KALINDI & MUKTI MAJHI – Girls from Purulia District of West Bengal, who resisted child marriage, destitution often leads to exploitation of girls, whom their own folks give away at the age of 11-12 in what is shamelessly called ‘Marriage’ to sex-predators going in the name of grooms. It was the same fate staring in the face of Sangita, Bina and Mukti also as they turned 12 and their hand-to-mouth families decided to ‘marry’ them off.

But then the unthinkable happened – the threesome refused! All hell broke loose and all sorts of threats started raining on them from all over – but the three Bravehearts refused to be browbeaten by them and putting their very lives at stake, nixed all attempts to make them toys of child-abuse.

Jai Ho…!

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