Sangita Bauri, Bina Kalindi & Mukti Majhi

Bravery (West Bengal, India) 2013

Sangita Bauri, Bina Kalindi & Mukti MajhiBravery (West Bengal, India) 2013

SANGITA BAURI, BINA KALINDI & MUKTI MAJHI – Three young girls from Purulia District of West Bengal stood up against the deeply ingrained practice of child marriage, which often leads to exploitation and abuse. Sangita, Bina, and Mukti, at the tender age of 12, defied their families’ decision to marry them off, bravely standing against societal norms.

Their courage and determination were met with fierce resistance and threats, but they remained resolute. Their unwavering stand not only saved them from a life of early marriage and potential abuse but also inspired others to challenge harmful practices. Their story is a testament to the power of courage and conviction in the face of adversity. Jai Ho to these brave souls!

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