Sameera Aziz

Cultural Activities (Saudi Arabia) 2016

Sameera AzizCultural Activities (Saudi Arabia) 2016

SAMEERA AZIZ – She is a powerhouse of talent and influence, with a multifaceted career spanning media, journalism, filmmaking, and activism. As a Saudi media personality, she has not only excelled as a journalist and film director but has also taken on roles as a producer, ambassador, and director of various international organizations. Her work extends to literature, with accomplishments as a writer, poetess, and novelist, showcasing her diverse creative abilities. Additionally, she is a prominent figure in radio, known for her engaging presentations and discussions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she is deeply involved in humanitarian causes, particularly those related to women, children, expatriates, animals, and social issues. Her role as a businesswoman and brand endorser highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to succeed in diverse fields. Overall, she is a dynamic figure, actively contributing to various sectors and making a significant impact on society.

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