Saher Shaikh

Social Activism (Dubai, UAE) 2011

Saher ShaikhSocial Activism (Dubai, UAE) 2011

SAHER SHAIKH – Once an investment banker, she has since dedicated her life to serving the destitute and deprived. Following a traumatic experience, she gathered her family and initiated the ‘Adopt-a-Camp’ movement. Together with her sons, she began assembling ‘Hygiene Kits’ containing essentials like shampoo, conditioner, talc, deodorant, and more, which they distributed to laborers’ camps in Dubai where people lived in dismal conditions.

Her initiative garnered instant and widespread support, but she emphasizes that her efforts go beyond mere charity: “I am not merely giving them fish—I am teaching them how to fish!” Her compassionate work is an inspiration, and may her efforts to uplift the marginalized continue to grow and flourish.

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