Sabrina Pooja Dey

Sabrina Pooja DeyGR8 Special Honour (Maharashtra, India) 2009

SABRINA POOJA DEY – Fiercely individualistic, she lived life on her own terms and was on cloud nine with her achievement in her chosen genre of ‘Hospitality’ by having landed a job with the ‘Tiffin’, the fabled restaurant of the upper-crust ‘Taj Mumbai’. Then came the fateful 26/11, the day when Terror struck the Metropolis and ‘Tiffin’, drenched in the luxury, became the epicentre of the calamity!

In the ensuing pandemonium, Sabrina didn’t lose her bearings and shepherded and was the saviour of 100’s of people through ‘service doors’ to a safe nook in the kitchen. Indeed, this bunch was the only one to come out alive after the Terrorists fell to the Forces’ bullets!

Courage incarnate!

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