Sabrina Pooja Dey

GR8 Special Honour (Maharashtra, India) 2009

Sabrina Pooja DeyGR8 Special Honour (Maharashtra, India) 2009

SABRINA POOJA DEY – Fiercely individualistic, she charted her own course in life and found success in the competitive world of hospitality. Her job at the prestigious ‘Tiffin’ restaurant in the Taj Mumbai was a testament to her skill and determination. However, her true mettle was tested during the tragic events of 26/11, when terrorism struck the city.

Amidst chaos and danger, Sabrina remained composed and courageous. She led hundreds of people to safety through service doors and into the sanctuary of the kitchen. This act of bravery saved countless lives and stood as a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. Sabrina’s actions that day exemplified the highest form of courage and selflessness.

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