Rouble Nagi

Fine Arts (J&K, India) 2013

Rouble NagiFine Arts (J&K, India) 2013

ROUBLE NAGI – Whether it’s stone, metal, wood, glass, copper, or any material she touches, they all undergo a magical transformation under her skilled hands, turning into ethereal masterpieces. As a highly celebrated muralist, she infuses music into her creations, captivating onlookers with sheer euphoria. A stroll along Mumbai’s Carter Road Promenade would inevitably lead you to stand spellbound before a Nagi mural.

Beyond her artistic prowess, she is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists. Working with the NGO, ‘Pratham,’ she is passionately introducing underprivileged children to the world of art, shaping them to become the future of Nagi’s artistic legacy.

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