Rosemin Manji

Image Consultant (Dubai, UAE) 2012

Rosemin ManjiImage Consultant (Dubai, UAE) 2012

ROSEMIN MANJI – In the realm of haute couture, she reigns supreme like a queen in the Middle East. As the head of Image Consultancy at ‘RR & Co Bespoke Luxury Management,’ she stands out in the Luxury Fashion Industry. Her tireless efforts have brought globally renowned brands like Tom Ford, Alice Temperly, Kera Ross, and Christian Louboutin to the Middle East.

Despite her glamorous profession, she is deeply committed to social causes, especially those concerning women. She tirelessly campaigns for breast cancer awareness, recognizing it as a significant health issue affecting women. Her dedication and contribution to ‘Bras for a Cause,’ a charitable organization focused on raising awareness about breast cancer, are truly commendable.

She has the unique ability to transform you, creating a new image that is a masterpiece of elegance and style.

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