Rohini Nilekani

Rohini NilekaniSocial-Services (Karnataka, India) 2007

ROHINI NILEKANI – A multifaceted individual whose contributions have made a significant impact on society. As the Founder-Chairperson of Arghyam, she has spearheaded initiatives to improve access to water, ensuring equitability and sustainability. Her role as Chairperson of Akshara Foundation within the Pratham network has been instrumental in enhancing elementary education, with initiatives like the Karnataka Learning Partnership benefiting thousands of children in Bangalore District.

Additionally, her role as Founder-Chairperson of Pratham Books has been pivotal in creating high-quality, affordable books for children, enriching their learning experiences. Her dedication to providing educational resources in Indian languages has been commendable, especially for underserved children across the country.

Furthermore, as Director of Sanghamithra Rural Financial Services, she has played a crucial role in providing microfinance services to the poor. Her support for the urban program of Sanghamithra was a significant milestone in providing financial assistance to the urban poor, marking it as one of the largest initiatives of its kind in India.

Her work reflects her deep commitment to social change and empowerment, making her a true leader in philanthropy and social impact.

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