Ritu Nanda

Entrepreneurship (Maharashtra, India) 2004

Ritu NandaEntrepreneurship (Maharashtra, India) 2004

RITU NANDA – Born into an illustrious family as the daughter of the legendary Raj Kapoor and the wife of Escorts’ industrialist, Rajan Nanda, has forged her own path to success. Despite her illustrious pedigree and upper-crust upbringing, she has carved out a distinct identity for herself.

Her foray into the world of business saw her establish ‘Ritu Nanda Insurance Services’, a venture that has achieved remarkable success. She made history by entering the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ for selling 17,000 pension policies in a single day, showcasing her business acumen and determination.

She is not just a successful businesswoman but also a survivor and a fighter who confronts challenges with courage and resilience. Her story is one of breaking barriers and achieving greatness on her own terms, making her a true inspiration.

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