Richa Sharma

Music (Haryana, India) 2012

Richa SharmaMusic (Haryana, India) 2012

RICHA SHARMA –Growing up in the reverberating hymns of temple rituals, she was immersed in the world of devotional singing from a young age. Her melodious voice soon became a highlight of the ‘Mata Ke Jaagran’ gatherings.

Her musical journey didn’t stop there. She delved into classical music, expanding her repertoire to include ghazals and folk music. Fluent in Rajasthani and Punjabi folk traditions, she developed a unique style that set her apart.

Transitioning to playback singing, she brought a new depth and power to the industry, earning her a reputation for her profound voice. Whether expressing anguish or joy, her vocal range captivates and mesmerizes.

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