Rashmi Uday Singh

Food & Culinary Literature (New Delhi, India) 2016

Rashmi Uday SinghFood & Culinary Literature (New Delhi, India) 2016

RASHMI UDAY SINGH – The High-priestess of Food, her career journey is a whirlwind of surprises and accomplishments. Starting with an Honours degree in English Literature, she then pursued Law before transitioning to Management. A stint in the Indian Revenue Services followed, lasting 15 years, until one day she decided to take a dramatic turn, shifting from Deputy Commissioner to a devoted Culinary expert.

In the culinary world, she has broken barriers and achieved many firsts. She authored India’s first-ever ‘Restaurant guide,’ the inaugural ‘Nightlife-guide’ to Mumbai, and the City-eateries-guide to Pune. She also created the first-ever ‘Vegetarianism guide’ to Paris, earning her France’s National Honour, La Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Today, her name is synonymous with food. With 37 books to her credit and syndicated columns, she educates and inspires food enthusiasts, blending cuisine with health. Her influence in the culinary world is immense, and her word is revered by foodie’s world over.

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