Rashami Desai

Television (Assam, India) 2011

Rashami DesaiTelevision (Assam, India) 2011

RASHAMI DESAI – With her doe-eyed charm and beatific smile, she has the ability to captivate viewers effortlessly. Encouraged by her mother, who is also her teacher, she ventured into the world of cinema and made a name for herself in a plethora of Bhojpuri films. However, it was television that truly propelled her to pan-India fame, especially through her role in ‘Uttaran’ on Colors. Despite portraying a character with grey shades and often unpleasant antics, she became a national sensation.

Since then, she has showcased her versatility in comedy, drama, horror, and dance, proving that she cannot be confined to one particular type of role. She is like a rainbow of acting on screen, with each role showcasing a different hue of her talent and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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