Rama Vaidyanathan

Performing Arts - Bharat Natyam (Maharashtra, India) 2012

Rama VaidyanathanPerforming Arts - Bharat Natyam (Maharashtra, India) 2012

RAMA VAIDYANATHAN – She embodies the essence of a willow tree, bending gracefully with the winds of life yet deeply rooted in her art—Bharat Natyam. To her, Bharat Natyam is not merely a dance form but a medium to convey timeless stories and contemporary social issues with equal finesse. She believes that our heritage is ever-relevant, exemplified by the portrayal of Ardh Naarishwar, symbolizing gender equality.

As the leader of ‘Ganesh Natyalaya,’ she carries forward the legacy entrusted to her by her guru, Saroja Vaidyanathan. For her, art is transformative, elevating the performer to a higher plane of existence where the sublime is found. In her dance, she has discovered that sublime essence, radiating it through every movement and expression, touching the hearts of all who witness her performance.

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