Rajashree Birla

Lifetime Achievement - Philanthropy (Tamil Nadu, India) 2018

Rajashree BirlaLifetime Achievement - Philanthropy (Tamil Nadu, India) 2018

RAJASHREE BIRLA – She is a beacon of humility and humanity, embodying the values she has held dear throughout her life. Despite her association with the Birla Empire and being the wife of the late Aditya Kumar Birla and mother of the current heir, she has remained grounded, shunning the idea of isolating herself in an ivory tower.

Compassion is not just a word to her; it’s a way of life. She has dedicated herself to alleviating the suffering of the destitute and deprived, tirelessly working towards philanthropic causes and corporate social responsibility. Her efforts have led to the development of a significant philanthropic organization, supported by her family.

Recognizing her unwavering dedication to society, the Government of India honored her with the Padma Bhushan in 2011, the third highest civilian award. Alongside her philanthropic endeavors, her love for music shines through in the ‘Sangeet Kala Kendra,’ a prestigious institution patronizing musical virtuosos.

In essence, she stands as a towering figure of shelter and support for all, embodying the values of compassion, humility, and service to humanity.

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