Prof. Ilham Al Qaradawi

Prof. Ilham Al QaradawiResearch & Development In Science (Qatar) 2013

PROF. ILHAM AL QARADAWI – She is professor of Physics at Qatar University and Adjunct Professor of Physics at Texas A&M University in Qatar.

Over the past decade, she has established the first ever positron laboratory and successfully built the first slow positron beam in the Middle East. She has also established an environmental radiation measurement laboratory. She is involved with Europe’s CERN in the Antihydrogen experiment AEGIS. She is the founder of the Qatar Physics Society  and is a fellow of the institute of Physics and a member of many international societies. She also sits on the advisory committee of the World Nuclear University Radiation Technology Summer School and the World Council on Isotopes, and has lectured in the World Nuclear University Summer Institute for the past four years.

A genius par supreme! In the world of Nuclear Science, her name draws instant awe and reverence. Today, her voice resonates at the biggest of International forums in the genre! An ultimate Achiever…

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