Praseeda Kunam

Social Activist (Madhya Pradesh, India) 2009

Praseeda KunamSocial Activist (Madhya Pradesh, India) 2009

PRASEEDA KUNAM – Her story is one of courage and compassion. Witnessing the financial exploitation inflicted by unscrupulous moneylenders, she made a bold decision to leave her lucrative job and address this issue head-on. She founded ‘Samhita Microfinance,’ a not-for-profit company dedicated to providing loans to men and women on fair and humane terms, liberating them from the clutches of the Sahukars.

With a background working with SKS Microfinance and the ABN AMRO Foundation, she brought a wealth of experience to her mission. Through Samhita, she initiated services in Rewa, disbursing small loans to women in the remote and underserved parts of the Baghelkhand region in Madhya Pradesh. Thousands have regained their dignity and financial independence thanks to her vision and tireless efforts.

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