Pooja Bedi

Anchoring (Maharashtra, India) 2006

Pooja BediAnchoring (Maharashtra, India) 2006

Pooja Bedi: She shaped by her upbringing in a Bohemian Progressive Artistic Environment, has always charted her unique path. From modeling to films, and then into motivational writing and television, Pooja has embraced diverse roles. Her journey in television, especially as the host of ‘Not Just Page-3’ and ‘Just Pooja,’ stands out as her most notable achievement. Unlike conventional talk shows, Pooja sparked meaningful discussions on sensitive issues like divorce and the stigma around homosexuality, challenging societal norms.

She believes that being both cerebral and sexy is a powerful combination, a philosophy that reflects in her work and personality. Pooja Bedi continues to inspire with her fearless approach and ability to provoke thought through her work.

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