Pallavi Shroff

Pallavi ShroffLaw (Maharashtra, India) 2008

PALLAVI SHROFF – Born into a family of legal luminaries, with her father being the iconic Chief Justice of India, PN Bhagwati, she initially explored other fields such as economics and management. However, she eventually found her true calling in law. Over the decades, she has become a nationally renowned litigator, earning the title of a litigation “maestro” for her unparalleled expertise in dispute resolution, mergers, and other corporate legal matters.

Despite her legal prowess, her talents extend beyond the courtroom. She is also a skilled practitioner of Kathak, a connoisseur of classical music, and an aficionado of the arts. Her multifaceted personality and legal wizardry have established her as a formidable force in both the legal and cultural spheres.

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