Pallavi Jaikishan & Bhairavi Jaikishan

Fashion (Maharashtra, India) 2018

Pallavi Jaikishan & Bhairavi JaikishanFashion (Maharashtra, India) 2018

PALLAVI JAIKISHAN & BHAIRAVI JAIKISHAN – Pallavi Jaikishan is a renowned fashion designer, known for her exquisite bridal wear and innovative designs. She is the wife of the late music maestro Jaikishan, of the famous Shankar-Jaikishan duo. Pallavi Jaikishan has made a significant mark in the fashion industry with her unique style and creativity.

Bhairavi Jaikishan, her daughter, has also carved a niche for herself in the fashion world. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Bhairavi has become a respected name in the industry, known for her elegant designs and contemporary style. Together, Pallavi and Bhairavi Jaikishan represent a legacy of creativity and innovation in the world of fashion.

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