Nyla MasoodSocial Activist (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2018

NYLA MASOOD – She works in the Hindi film industry and is a costume designer by profession. It was while working with director Amol Gupte on the films Hawa Hawai and Stanley Ka Dubba that she had the opportunity to meet several underprivileged slum kids. She took initiative of starting the project Dhai Akshar she began this NGO because she wanted to provide the children with a space where they could indulge in recreational activities. Most of the kids do not have access to any library or toys at home. Her NGO, provides these children with a recreational learning centre where they can productively use their time, the children indulge in a variety of activities and at the same time learn practical life skills.

This is One NGO who is constantly is fighting to give them back their rightful childhood.

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