Navjot Altaf

Fine Arts (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2009

Navjot AltafFine Arts (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2009

NAVJOT ALTAF – In the seemingly barren landscape of Meerut, where the mention of art often raises eyebrows, she emerged as a rare flower, blossoming into an epitome of art and painting. Her work is imbued with a fiery passion, particularly evident in her depictions of violence and historical atrocities, capturing the collective memory of India and beyond with haunting detail.

She  has evolved into a collaborative artist, forging deep connections with the Adivasi artists of Bastar, Chhattisgarh. Her partnership with them has not only enriched her own work but also signifies a new chapter in Indian painting, blending traditional and contemporary influences in a harmonious blend. She is truly a trailblazer, heralding a new era in the Indian art scene.

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