Nashwa Al Ruwaini

Media (Abu Dhabi, UAE) 2012

Nashwa Al RuwainiMedia (Abu Dhabi, UAE) 2012

NASHWA AL RUWAINI- In the realm of media, she stands unrivaled, having played a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing the media landscape in the region to its current prominence. Her name is synonymous with media excellence and leadership.

At the heart of her efforts to revolutionize Arab media was a steadfast commitment to marrying local talent with international expertise, a vision that has driven her to create a vast and impactful media presence in the region. She is the guiding force behind some of the most significant developments in Middle-Eastern media, including the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, National Geographic Abu Dhabi, and the Baynounah Media Group.

Additionally, she is a highly respected advisor on media affairs, having lent her expertise to institutions such as the Egyptian Ministry of Information, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, and the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi. Her contributions mark her as a woman of substance and a true pole-star in the realm of Middle-Eastern media.

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