Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina Lal KidwaiFinance & Banking (New Delhi, India) 2004

NAINA LAL KIDWAI – An Indian banker, Chartered Accountant and business executive. She has a host of ‘Firsts’ to her credit – the first Indian woman to graduate from ‘Harvard Business School’, the first woman ever to helm a Foreign bank in India, the first woman also to be the president of ‘FICCI’- indeed, she has really towered over the world of Finance, in the land. And that’s how she became the most sought after in the Banking Sector.

Even more significant is the work she has done in tandem with her husband, at the ‘SEWA’ for Women Empowerment, Sanitation and Water. Also, after hanging up her gloves, she wants to catch up with exploring Wildlife, Indian & Western Classical Music and Literature among others.

The Legacy would continue to reinforce women’s self-confidence…!

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