Melissa Nanana

Music (Lebanon) 2014

Melissa NananaMusic (Lebanon) 2014

MELISSA NANANA- Her voice is like a fine wine, intoxicating and euphoric, enveloping listeners in a seductive embrace. She has emerged as a shining star from Libya, thanks to the support of renowned music producers Fady Bitar and Jean Saliba. Her debut single, ‘Leil Ya Leil’, catapulted her to stardom, topping charts and capturing hearts. With her second album, ‘Mfaker Halak Min’ (Who do you think you are), she once again proved her musical prowess, enchanting audiences with her mesmerizing tunes.

Her talent has attracted the attention of R&B and hip-hop giants like Akon and Dr. Alban, eager to collaborate with her. She has become the epitome of Arabic pop, captivating listeners with her soulful melodies and magnetic presence.

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