Meena Pathak

Culinary Expert (Maharashtra, India) 2012

Meena PathakCulinary Expert (Maharashtra, India) 2012

MEENA PATHAK – She is renowned as the Pickle Queen, a title earned through her transformation of a humble condiment into a global empire. The name ‘Patak’s’ has become synonymous with Indian cuisine worldwide, introducing millions to the flavors of India.

Marriage into the PATHAK family proved to be a turning point, leading her to innovate and create a paste that revolutionized the food industry. Her recipes simplified the preparation of Indian cuisine, debunking the myth that it is complex to cook.

Her Meena nuggets became an instant sensation, earning her widespread acclaim. Her culinary genius was recognized by none other than the Queen of England, who bestowed upon her the prestigious Royal honor, the ‘Order of the British Empire’.

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