Mariam Othman

Mariam OthmanChild Education, Healthcare and CSR (Dubai, UAE) 2017

MARIAM OTHMAN – If you are looking for a perfect example of ‘Virtue’ – look at her!

She has Divinity flowing in her persona. The way she has dedicated her entire life to the betterment of ‘Children with Special Needs’ – it puts her on the highest pedestal of praise. Her tour-de-force is the ‘Rashid Centre’ in the heart of Dubai, which stands today as a blessed haven for kids who are mentally challenged or are beset with other disabilities. Iron-willed and unshakeable in her convictions, she often defines herself as one who likes to ‘give back to the Society!’ And in turn, the Society needs to salute her for her selfless service. She restores our faith in Humanity!

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