Malak Ali Hassan

Promoting Green Living (Dubai, UAE) 2015

Malak Ali HassanPromoting Green Living (Dubai, UAE) 2015

MALAK ALI HASSAN – She is God’s gift to UAE dedicating her life to the preservation of ecology and the environment, two vital elements for the survival of life on Earth. Even within her field of construction, she champions sustainability, introducing groundbreaking concepts like the ‘Pre-designed Green Villa.’ Her innovative approach has earned her a well-deserved place among the vanguard of environmental conservationists, poised to shape a sustainable future.

Her ambition extends beyond individual projects; she envisions establishing a “green” organization comprising female architects and designers. This organization would advocate for environmentally conscious practices in new buildings across the UAE, ensuring that future developments are more sympathetic to the environment. Her commitment to sustainable practices and her visionary leadership make her a true pioneer in the field of environmental conservation in the region.

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