Madhavi Parekh

Fine Arts (Gujarat, India) 2004

Madhavi ParekhFine Arts (Gujarat, India) 2004

MADHAVI PAREKH – Hailing from the serene environs of Sanjan village in Gujarat, her artistic journey began with the vibrant rangolis adorning festival celebrations. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, she immersed herself in its splendor, nurturing her creative vision from a young age. Married to a budding painter at just sixteen, she was encouraged to translate her vivid imagery onto canvas.

Upon moving to the capital, she first experimented with drawing, a passion that blossomed during her pregnancy with their first daughter. Today, her artistic repertoire includes stunning oil-on-canvas paintings, mesmerizing reverse paintings, intricate serigraphs, and captivating etchings. Her themes often revolve around the nuanced aspects of ‘Women & Children’ and the vivid contrasts between ‘Urban & Rural’ life.

Her art is not just visually striking but also surreal, inviting viewers into her unique world. She has carved a niche for herself in the art world, where her creations stand as testaments to her boundless imagination and artistic prowess.

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