Madhabi Puri Buch

Madhabi Puri BuchBanking (Maharashtra, India) 2009

MADHABI PURI BUCH – Started her professional journey in a research role at ORG Marg, unaware of the remarkable twists fate had in store for her. Her life took a momentous turn when she found herself in the presence of a top executive from ICICI, discussing financial matters. In a spontaneous outburst, she delved into a detailed discussion about financial intermediaries, capturing the attention of the executive.

Impressed by her knowledge and passion, ICICI offered her a position, marking the beginning of a remarkable career trajectory. Over time, her dedication and expertise propelled her to the pinnacle of success, culminating in her appointment as the MD & CEO of ICICI Securities. Her journey exemplifies the power of seizing opportunities and making the most of them, with destiny smiling upon her every step of the way.

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